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X2: X-Men United: But Uber, this is so mainstream and predictable. Well guess what buddy? You’re listening to a former comic fanboy who was a reader of the X-Men comic books for many years. After having to endure some of the worst comic to movie translations ever (Captain America, The Punisher, The Fantastic Four movie) in the late 80s through mid 90s, I welcome some of the new interpretations. And this is one of the biggies. X-Men has always been a quality line for Marvel. And with the success of X-Men and Spider-Man, we know that there’s going to be more in the making. The only problem I see is oversaturation in this market by introducing movies for characters that just don’t have as wide a fanbase (see: Daredevil, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Ghost Rider, Electra).
The Matrix Reloaded: Either you loved or hated the original Matrix. I loved it, Greg hated it. If you’re a moron like Greg, don’t go see this, the 2nd part of a trilogy (The Matrix Revolutions comes out in November of this year to complete the set). However, if you wish to be counted among the elite of geekdom, you cannot bypass this one.
Finding Nemo: An animated flick? Yes. Simply put, Pixar studios has never disappointed me. So away we go to sit amongst the kiddies for a few hours and hopefully enjoy this one. If Eisner lets Pixar get out from under their little umbrella contract, it might just be the kill shot on his reign at Disney.
28 Days Later: Think Steven King’s “The Stand” meets “Night of the Living Dead”. I’m so glad that Hollywood hasn’t given up on the horror genre. Too bad it took monuments of crap like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” to resurrect it, but with some really quality gems being put out in the last few years (The Ring, House of 1000 Corpses, and my favorite: Frailty), horror is back in style.
The Fighting Temptations: Every once in a while you need to go see a typical genre flick. This is that one. It’s the “Fish Out of Water” genre (no Finding Nemo jokes please…).
Freddie vs Jason: Shoulda been made 15 years ago, but better late than never.
Once Upon A Time In Mexico: The third part in the Mariachi trilogy. If you liked the first two films (El Mariachi, Desperado), this one should do them justice.
Shaolin Soccer: Been waiting for it for well over a year. Just bring it out and make me happy. Let’s see how bad a dub job they do on it.